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“The BGQ’s performance on Sunday was even better than last time they were here! We had a good house, and the quartet did some wonderful outreach on Monday. Thanks for all of your efforts in bringing the ensemble to Albuquerque.”
Jonathon Gerson, Chamber Music Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM
“Dear Brazilian Guitar Quartet, I want to thank you for your wonderful performance in Bates Recital Hall at the University of Texas at Austin. Your performance was inspirational and full of life. We wish you great success during your tour and please return soon.”
Pebbles Wadsworth, Director, University of Texas at Austin, TX
“They were fabulous… and such sweet guys. We had a good turn out from the Brazilian community which was fun. The audience demanded 2 encores… and bought all but 2 of their CDs. It was a great evening… thanks for everything!”
Connie Zimmer, Dumbarton Concerts, Washington, DC
“They did a wonderful job with the guitar masterclass on Friday afternoon; and the performance Friday evening was outstanding. Our audience loved them, they received standing ovations and graciously performed encores. It was a pleasure working with both them and yourself and I am sure we will work together again in the future. Thanks again.”
Mary Jane Plummer, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD
“The opening chamber concert by the Brazilian Guitar Quartet was artistically glorious and attracted a total of 617 people, 474 of them paying customers — more than twice that of any of last year’s concerts. Our approach to marketing this event to three target audiences – chamber music, Brazilian music and guitar fans – seems to have paid off. The only negative of the evening was an interruption by the Goodyear Blimp hovering over the Ford! But the audience was very enthusiastic and demanded an encore from these fine musicians after a standing ovation.”
Dave Pier, Ford Theatre, Hollywood, CA
“We had a great concert last Friday. 4,400 in attendance, a record for us too (our series has been going for 11 years). BGQ is a fabulous group – and their musicianship is outstanding. And —- they’re all 4 so sweet! We really enjoyed the brief time we had to spend with them. Many of our guests told us that it was our best First Fridays concert yet and that the music made for a perfect night.”

Sue Martin, Frick Art and Historical Society, Pittsburgh, PA
“The people of Antioch California just enjoyed an experience that will be remembered fondly – and forever. Our 78 year old theatre is undergoing a rehabilitation. It’s been quite a while since live entertainment has been performed – so I wasn’t quite sure how classical guitar would go over. To my delight, the most warm and talented group of four gentlemen appeared at the stage door – and from that moment on, we were treated to one of finest concerts to have ever come to this venue. One of the highlights for me was when they told me how wonderful the acoustics were in the hall. Their sound was perfect everywhere. Language differences were overcome by their patience and true sense of professionalism. On behalf of those who were fortunate enough to have listened to their music – thank you BGQ!”

Rick Carraher, El Campanil Theatre, Antioch, CA
“FANTASTIC concert! Nice guys and I learned Portuguese (sort of). A review and photo will be on the front page of our local bi-weekly rag. Since we sold out all the quartet CDs they promised they would send us a few for our sponsors . . . preferably the Brazilian composers . . . BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!”
Bryan Lake, Piney Woods Fine Arts Association, Crockett, TX
“The concert was fabulous and the men performed brilliantly. Their program is perfect. We sold out (420 seats) and we all loved every second of the concert. Everything went without a hitch, and the guys are very easy to work with (read: adorable!) We loved it, and it was successful for us in every way.”

Kathy Ash, St. Louis Guitar Society, St Louis, MO
“The BGQ review was in today’s Houston Chronicle and it was good. Very positive comments from the performance; the fellows are so talented and so nice.”

Toby Mattox, Houston Society for the Performing Arts,Houston, TX
“It was a great concert. Everyone was happy, the Quartet played beautifully, it was a very nice evening. The Quartet was very happy, and they approved the performance for NPR.”

Chris Bynum, 92nd Street Y, New York, NY
“The guys were great. The audience really enjoyed the concert and they were very easy to work with. We sold 347 out of 400. Hope the rest of their tour is a big hit.”

Steve Lerian, Kirkland Performing Arts Center, Kirkland, WA
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The Quartet was superb! Extremely easy to work with. The audience was so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience them. No problems – what a nice group of men.”
Mary Leb, Director, Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV
“I want to thank you for your contribution to the stunning success of our Guest Artist Series . . . In its variety and quality, the music you chose was fascinating and your performance brilliant and exciting . . . I know that you must have felt the responsiveness of our very appreciative audience.”

Debra Pankey-Mebane, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
“It goes without saying that the Brazilian Guitar Quartet has captivated the Scottsdale audience. The standing ovation and the eagerness of many of our patrons to meet them following their concert is further testimony to how well they were received. It was a true pleasure meeting each of the performers and having the opportunity to hear them play. I have already had requests for their speedy return to Kerr.”

Nannette Taylor, Kerr Cultural Center, Arizona State University, Scottsdale, AZ
“They were a DELIGHT to host! I can’t wait to have them back. Next year? It was our most popular concert to date. They were FANTASTIC.”

Alfredo Franco, Virginia Museum of Art, Richmond, VA
“BGQ was (they played as such a seamless unit, a singular verb seems appropriate) a smashing success: superb playing (a spontaneous standing ovation) before a large crowd (almost 400). And they are most congenial gentlemen, with whom we enjoyed our meal (to which we invited several of our most loyal supporters) after the concert. We seem to have invited them to return in 2002. Thanks for your help in bringing them here.”

Dennis Kratz, Performing Arts Series, Univ. of Texas at Dallas, TX
“That was a terrific concert. What great talent! Thanks so much for the opportunity to present them. . . . Surely hope you all have a great tour and that they consider coming back again. Talk to you soon.”
Gail Bunker, Dixie College, St. George, UT
“Our audience loved the BGQ. They are superb. Our hall is especially well suited for guitar…so it was a treat for all those guitar afficionados that come out of the woodwork when we present guitarists. We sold 100 CDs. They are the nicest guys too.”

Connie Zimmer, Dumbarton Concerts, Washington, DC
“Great performance, got standing ovation and encore, one of the best audiences, nearly sold out…. Thanks for sharing them with us.”
Dr. Manuel Prestamo, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, OK