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The Brazilian Guitar Quartet had a similarly warmly rounded tone and interpretative refinement. This group takes ensemble guitar playing to an extremely high level. Their sound is delectable, at times like pealing bells or angelic harps. With rolling textures and a pliant, breathing approach to melody, their performance of Bachianas Brasileiras No1 by Villa-Lobos was luscious.
Dazzling music… While it might be assumed that the tonal and coloristic possibilities from such a combination might be limited, it turns out that the opposite is true on this debut CD… reveal new possibilities for the guitar… helped by Galbraith’s use of a unique instrument, an eight-stringed guitar that is held almost vertically between the knees and whose sound is transferred to a wooden soundbox on the floor… The instrument gives greater lyrical power, tonal variety and range, attributes that are exploited to the full here…. The works are in fact thoroughly Brazilian in character, full of passionate melodies, exciting strumming and dazzling color… like all the transcriptions on this disc, nothing sounds out of place… a stunning debut disc by the Quartet and one that provides almost an hour (if only there were more) of vibrant music played with joie de vivre that is infectious. Galbraith has won numerous awards and a Grammy nomination for his solo albums; on the evidence of this disc, his guitar quartet cannot fail to follow suit.
THE DAILY YOMIURI, on the CD Essência do Brasil