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How to Improve your Guitar Skills

Posted by Mario Wheeler on
How to Improve your Guitar Skills

Do you only know the basic stuff and guitar tips like reading tablature, playing simple chords as well as some bar chords to improve your guitar skills? Are you tired of playing random stuff like this? Do you want to impress your friends and let them see how well you improved your guitar playing skills? Do you want to see improvement from your guitar playing?

Getting better at playing the guitar is a constant learning process.  However, it’s never too late to enhance your craft and we are here to tell you that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks! Do not become intimidated by the fact that your guitar abilities have remained at the same level pretty much your whole life. In fact, even seniors have learned to play guitar for the first time well into their old age. Guitar and music learning is even utilized as therapy for older and forgetful individual in long-term care centers as a form of dementia therapy. This goes to show that its never too late to get better or even started. I have been playing the guitar for many years now and I still learn new things all the time. So my guitar skills keep improving as long as I keep playing and learning different stuff. One of my guitar tips for you is to start by learning a scale. You can focus on a particular scale like the pentatonic scale. You also need to study the theory behind the scale which will result in improving your guitar skills.

All scales used by guitar players have similar patterns. Another one of my guitar tips is to memorize the five box positions of a particular scale like a Major scale, and you will be able to recognize the minor scale pattern because they share the same notes. You will also notice that each scale will sound and feel differently because you started playing the scale in a different note accompanied by certain chords played in a song.

Feeling the sound is one of the guitar skills you should develop to become the guitar player you ever dreamed of. Learn the 5 box positions of the pentatonic scale. The horizontal line represents the strings of your guitar. The numbers represent the frets of your guitar.

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How to learn guitar and why

Posted by Mario Wheeler on
How to learn guitar and why

Learning how to play guitar can be rewarding in many different ways. In addition to the obvious sense of accomplishment, you get to display your skills during various events and occasions. You may do this as a hobby or professional skill where you earn money in exchange for your performance. 

New guitarists should know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to learning how to play the guitar. You’ve got to practice continually, and it takes patience. It doesn’t come simply, but you shouldn’t get annoyed, this new ability will develop over a period of time. Purchasing a guitar can be confusing and overpowering. You must go to a music shop and pick them up and hold them to attempt to select one that feels comfy and if you still can not decide to talk to the store helper and see whether they have any tips and tricks for selecting the correct guitar. Do not be misled by the price ticket most of the inexpensive guitars are fine to start with. 

When you first learn how to play music on the guitar you won’t need a complicated guitar as the majority of the features will go new and will only get in the way. However, as you improve you may need to upgrade in tiny stages to fit your level of expertise. There’s a wide selection of classes to learn how to play music on the guitar.

How To Learn Guitar – Classes

Some classes online are free or need a tiny donation. However, most have a fee attached to cover the expenses of teachers and gear. When you take part in a free class, these are typically not quite as good as a paid class but there are of course exceptions. One of the best things about taking guitar classes is that you get to learn in a hands-on practical environment. You’ll have an experienced tutor showing you exactly how to get things done, and you can ask questions on the fly. 

Many guitar students find that learning how to play is a fun thing to do. But if you do not find it pleasurable, you shouldn’t push yourself to do something you don’t like.

When I first started out, I had a friend help me get started. Then I started searching the internet for various courses and I actually did find a handful of free videos that were good. The problem was however that none of these videos showed me all I wanted to know so to save myself some time I bought a top-rated course and it helped me a lot.

So, start practicing today, and do not forget to share your new talent with folks, family, and pals. Music is to be enjoyed by all.