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Learn Electric Guitar – Getting Started With Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons

Posted by Mario Wheeler on
Learn Electric Guitar – Getting Started With Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons

Here is a short article on how to learn electric guitar, especially getting Heavy Metal Sound. Regarding electric guitar tuning, I prefer to tune my guitar down one full step to D because it gives a much darker and heavier sound. Some death metal guitarists also dune all the way down to C.

Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica – these are by many considered to be some of the best heavy metal music bands of our time.  For anyone who wants to try their hand at this and learn how to play heavy metal music and learn electric guitar, there are a few heavy metal guitar lessons that will be very helpful to them here.  Anyone can learn how to play heavy metal music as long as they follow the right heavy metal music lessons.  You can’t just pick up any old guitar and expect to be a whiz, and there are a few things that you need to remember to get that heavy metal sound.

To learn electric guitar playing and to play heavy metal music and have it sound right there needs to be a lot of distortion from your amplifier.  Don’t get too carried away if you’re just getting started with a guitar, but for those who have more experience, it will be easy.  Once you have adjusted the settings you then want to focus on your guitar, start by turning the volume control to ten.  Having proper tuning is essential for playing heavy metal music.

You may need to tune your guitar strings down to a full two steps, depending on where they were to start with.  Most guitarists will tune from a half a step to two whole steps.  This helps to give the guitar a much deeper sound, which resonates with the heavy metal music.  You may even want to do what some of the most world-famous guitarists do and remove the highest strings off your guitar completely.

High notes of a chord are rarely used in heavy metal music.  Some heavy metal guitarists will even remove their high E and B strings because they are probably ever used, especially in the hardcore death metal music.  It all depends on the style of guitar player you are and what you prefer.  Another important topic that should be covered in your heavy metal guitar lessons involves the scales used.

The most commonly used in heavy metal music is the Minor Pentatonic scale.  This is most similar to the Blues Scale.  It contains just five notes and therefore is quite simple to follow.  No matter who you are or how old you are, with these tips and the proper heavy metal guitar lessons you can learn to be a heavy metal master.